About PK

Hi, I’m PK, digital 2D artist & animator, and owner of PK Game Art Studios. I currently work full-time for the gaming company AGS at their Austin, TX office. I also provide art outsourcing and contract services for the video game and publishing industries under PK Game Art Studios.

I’m lucky enough to get to use Photoshop & After Effects on a daily basis for my job, and get to take games from start to finish – from thumbnails and concepts, to polished art, animations, and then finally deliver easily digestible assets to the rest of the dev team. If you’re in the office, you can find me by following the chortles of joy. I work with a great team of artists and engineers, and love getting to learn new things from them all the time.

I’m a 2D generalist, with specialties in environments and effects. I’m versatile in adapting to different styles & genres, a quick learner, and a natural leader. I’ve worked on many published games for PC, mobile, and video slot markets, and regularly handle: graphic symbols, concept art, complex 2D animations, particle animations, UI, characters, parallax backgrounds, icons, logos, menus, vectors, props, vehicles, weapons, etc. You name it, and I’ve probably made it for a client.

I studied Illustration for 4 years at BYU, completed the Advanced Digital Painting course at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, won the “Best Artist Award” in my large high school, and my mom thinks my artwork is nice and all but that I work too hard.

Previously I lived in China for 3 years, mostly among the otherworldly hills of Yangshuo (think Avatar). My experiences and adventures abroad inundated me with unique inspiration to create some really cool art and fantastic new worlds & beasts. I also studied Mandarin Chinese, and can speak it comfortably.

When I’m not doing art, I spend my time meditating (I co-host and guide a weekly yoga & meditation meetup), running, gaming, hiking, surfing, playing fetch with my dog, eating wierd foreign foods, or writing (currently working on a science-fantasy novel).

Works for: AGS (Senior Artist), Pk Game Art Studios (Owner)

Software: Photoshop, After Effects,  Illustrator, Zbrush

2 years – Artist/Animator at AGS
3 years – Concept Artist / 2D Game Artist
3 years – Graphic Artist / EFL Teacher-Trainer

Fav Artists: Dan Dos Santos, Jon Howe, Arthur Rackham, Grandpa

Adv. Digital Painting at Gnomon School of Visual Effects
4 years of Illustration at BYU

Fav Games: Battlefield 1, Diablo 3, HalfLife 2, Mariokart, Starcraft II, Battle for Middle Earth, Warcraft 3, Super Smash Brothers, anything with Multiplayer + bazookas, AND all the games that I’ve worked on, of course 😉

Platforms I play on: PC, Wii, Mobile,