About PK

I’m PK, digital 2D artist & animator, and owner of PK Game Art Studios. I provide contract art and animation services for the video game and publishing industries.

I use Photoshop & After Effects on a daily basis, and typically get to take games from start to finish. I’m a 2D generalist, with specialties in characters, environments, and 2D animation & FX.

I can quickly adapt to different styles, and am a fast learner and a natural leader. I’ve worked on many published games for PC, mobile, and video slot markets, and regularly handle: graphic symbols, concept art, complex 2D animations, particle animations, UI, characters, parallax backgrounds, icons, logos, menus, vectors, props, vehicles, weapons, etc. You name it, and I’ve probably made it for a client.

I most recently lived in Austin, Texas where I worked at AGS as a Senior Game Artist. AGS is a rising star in the gaming industry, and our small Austin team served as the tip of the spear for many of the company’s most important projects and initiatives. We were a well-oiled machine, where in regards to team dynamics I served as the source of raw enthusiasm, positive energy, pace pusher, ring winner and luckwearer, and barrel-rider! I loved my team and work there, but I needed to take off to fulfill a lifelong dream to travel around the world for a year (a quest which I am currently on).

Prior to that, I lived in L.A. and Yangshuo, China for the first few years of my illustration career, and keep going back to the Far East for more. Plus I happened to marry a girl from China so that might be influencing me a bit. I love exploring new cultures and ways of being, and can speak Mandarin Chinese on an intermediate level.

I studied Illustration for 4 years at BYU, and completed the Advanced Digital Painting course at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.

When I’m not doing art, I spend my time meditating, working out, gaming, hiking, surfing, playing fetch with my dog, eating weird foreign foods, or writing (still working on a science-fantasy novel).

Works for:, Pk Game Art Studios (Owner), previously AGS (Senior Artist, 3 years)

Software: Photoshop, After Effects,  Illustrator, Zbrush

3 years – Artist/Animator at AGS
5 years – Concept Artist / 2D Game Artist
3 years – Graphic Artist / EFL Teacher-Trainer

Fav Artists: Dan Dos Santos, Jon Howe, Arthur Rackham, Grandpa

Adv. Digital Painting at Gnomon School of Visual Effects,
4 years of Illustration at BYU

Fav Games: Battlefield 1, Diablo 3, HalfLife 2, Mariokart, Starcraft II, Battle for Middle Earth, Warcraft 3, Super Smash Brothers

Platforms I play on: PC, Wii, Mobile