About PK

I’m PK, digital artist & animator, and owner of PK Game Art &  Illustration. I’m currently seeking a full-time position, having just returned from 1 year of traveling betwen New Zealand and Nepal.

I’m an experienced Game Artist, Illustrator, and Animator, and can handle anything you throw at me, as long as it isn’t sharp.

What others say about me:

“One of the most positive and hardworking artists on the team… His eagerness to learn and create really proved to be a great asset in a short amount of time… His artwork really stood out as being high caliber and very creative… His attention to detail and excellent reception to feedback made him very easy to work with. Never shy to iteration, there were times where we had to ask him to work slower!”
~ Diana Kitthajaroenchai, Art Manager at AGS (directly managed and mentored me)

“… He is the guy who didn’t just get the job done, but really pushed himself and others to find better ways of doing it. He is great at giving open feedback that not only teaches other artists, but still allows them to do it their own way.”
~ Dan Robinett, Game Artist at AGS (former coworker)

“… a talented illustrator and concept artist, he also brings a unique flair and perspective to any project… He also brings positivity and enthusiasm to the office, which can be a big plus. I’d work with him again any time!”
~ J.R. Barker,Illustrator / Concept Artist at AGS (former coworker)


I most recently worked at AGS as a Graphic Artist III for 3 years, taking games from the concept art stage up to animating our own polished assets. After 1 year I was promoted from Graphic Artist II to Graphic Artist III, and helped train and mentor new recruits. During my first year I learned how to animate in After Effects, and eventually went on to be our team’s go-to-guy on all things AE and animation.

I bring a lot of positive energy to my team. I’m as enthusiastic as a Labrador, especially for coming up with fun, crazy, and fresh ideas. When it’s time to figure out how to implement those ideas, I’m relentless, coming at it from different angles and with new approaches.

Any day that I’m surrounded by skillful and knowledgeable team members is an excellent opportunity to learn. I seek out the people with the right experience, ask too many questions, and then try to implement what I learned. Everyone has something to share, be it knowledge, wisdom, or new perspectives.

I can quickly adapt to different art styles, and am a fast learner and a natural leader. I’ve worked on many published games for PC, mobile, and video slot markets, and regularly handle: graphic symbols, concept art, complex 2D animations, particle animations, UI, characters, parallax backgrounds, icons, logos, menus, vectors, props, vehicles, weapons, etc. You name it, and I’ve probably made it for a client.

Prior to AGS, I lived in L.A., and Yangshuo, China for the first few years of my illustration career, and I keep going back to the Far East for more. I happened to marry a girl from China, so that might be influencing me a bit. I love exploring new cultures and ways of being, and can speak Mandarin Chinese on an intermediate level.

I studied Illustration for 4 years at BYU, and completed the Advanced Digital Painting course at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood.

I’m a student of meditation, and I’m proficient in 2 of the 3  major schools of meditation techniques – Samatha and Vipassana. On my recent travels I studied Vipassana in the windy mountains of Udadumbara, Sri Lanka under the guidance of the Acharan; and in Lumbini, Nepal in the tradition of Sayadaw Mahasi at the Panditarama Meditation Center. Both were life-altering experiences.

When I’m not doing art, I spend my time meditating, working out, gaming, hiking, surfing, playing fetch with my dog, eating weird foreign foods, or writing.