Patrick Thompson
Current Location: Changsha, China


Skills & Attributes

    • Expert in Photoshop CC & After Effects CC. Highly skilled with Illustrator and familiar with Zbrush, Sketchup, Photoshop 3D, and Unity.
    • 6 years of experience in game development
    • Able to quickly learn new processes and software. At AGS, I was required to learn After Effects for animation. In less than 1 year, not only had I ramped up, but I became our team’s leader in animation & on par with anyone at AGS
    • Capable of a diverse range of art styles and skills, from years of working with a variety of clients on many different projects. My current skill set includes:
      • concept art, character illustration & animation, environment art, 2D & 2.5D environment animation, parallax backgrounds, tiling assets, logo design & animation, fx and particle animation, UI, etc.
    • Known for being enthusiastic, positive, eager to learn and improve, patient, easy-going, and communicative with my team
    • At AGS, when our team was faced with long render times, I took it upon myself to partner with IT to create a render farm for AE. I would also often give assistance to other teammates when my tasks were finished early.
    • Mandarin Chinese (conversant/intermediate)


Senior Graphic Artist III / Illustrator
(July 2014 – Sept. 2017; Austin TX, USA)

Provided illustrations, graphic art, characters, & animations for video slot machines for the casino floor. Took artwork from the concept phase all the way through animation, testing, & delivery. Led the team in animation, and helped mentor new team members.


PK Game Art Studios
Owner & Artist
(2011 – Present; USA/China) 

Contract with studios & clients to create game art, animation, & illustrations – on time, on budget, with high quality craftsmanship and open communication

Recent Clients


Mouchet Software

Environment Artist: hexagon terrain tiles (think Settler’s of Catan)

Upper Deck

Character Artist: card illustrations of fantasy characters set in environments

Collision Studios
“Monster High: Ghouls & Jewels”

Character Artist: 2D character assets – bodies, clothing, vector art, concepts, assets mix-n-match ready for dress-up themed game

Circuit Hive
“Pirate Code”

2D Game Artist. Design of variable hexagon tile environment sets, UI, menu screens, etc.

Fatum Ludus
“Jr & Ollie’s Mechanical Adventure”

2D Level Artist, Art Director. Design of game’s style, texture sheets for application to 3D building models, parallax backgrounds, props, modular building assets for random level generation

2 Play Studios
“Bloody Trapland”

Designed content for Steam’s Trading Card system (cards, characters, emoticons, & backgrounds)
Ecstatic LLC
“Fireball Flurry”
2D Game Artist: created UI assets, menus, screens, sprite animations, splash screen, logo, etc.

Marozu Games
“Flip the Aliens”

2D Game Artist: backgrounds, tiles, characters, sprites, concepts, UI, menus

Graveyard Gameworks

2D Game Artist: characters, weapons, vehicles, all assets ready for animation, modern war style

Rabid Dog Studios

2D Environment & Concept Artist: parallax backgrounds, concept art, logos, steampunk style

Mattias Fagerlund
“Machinist Fabrique”

2D Game Artist: machine assets (ready for animation), backgrounds, UI, comic panels
HeavyCat Studios
“A Valley Without Wind 2”
Staff Artist(Part-time/telecommute)
Worked with producers and other artists to create 2D game art, 2D building/enviro art, banners, etc.
Legend Studios
2D BG Artist & Pixel Environment Artist: created all pixel tile sets, vert & horiz tiling/parallaxing backgrounds
Giant Goblin Games
“Storm the Castle”
Illustrations for fantasy card game.Required high speed to stay within budget

Buckland International Education Group
Assistant Director, EFL Teacher
(2009-2012; China)

Trained and led over 100 teachers annually in how to teach English to Chinese students, and how to thrive in the crazy fun world of China. Authored & illustrated the “Non-Stop Talking” EFL textbook series, used in over 100 schools in China. Created billboard ads, logos, brochures. Assisted the Director of the International Department in school/teacher relations & issues.



  • Gnomon School of Visual Effects – California (2012) Advanced Digital Painting
  • Brigham Young University – Utah  (2005 – 2008) Illustration
  • BYU – Idaho (2003 – 2004) Art, & Architecture. Dean’s List (2003-2004)



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