Diana Kitthajaroenchai
Art Manager at AGS

“Patrick (PK) was definitely one of the most positive and hardworking artists on the team while he was at AGS. His eagerness to learn and create really proved to be a great asset in a short amount of time. Though PK only trained with me in Atlanta for a short period of time before he moved to our Austin studio, his artwork really stood out as being high caliber and very creative. His positive attitude was constantly mentioned as a great morale booster for the team in Austin and his beaming personality really made the workplace a fun place. PK would constantly challenge himself as well as his teammates in a positive way as well.

While at AGS, PK not only constantly created very high quality artwork on a regular basis, he also found many ways to help improve processes to help improve design practices within the department. His attention to detail and excellent reception to feedback made him very easy to work with. Never shy to iteration, there were times where we had to ask him to work slower! He was very self driven so it was never difficult to ask him to try new projects. Any company would be extremely lucky to gain PK as an illustrator and contributor.”


Dan Robinett
Game Artist at AGS


“I worked with Patrick for a while at AGS in Austin, TX. While much of the team contributed to my training, Patrick was the one who really kept on pushing me. He is the guy who didn’t just get the job done, but really pushed himself and others to find better ways of doing it. He is great at giving open feedback that not only teaches other artists, but still allows them to do it their own way. This applies to all parts of the job we shared together, whether it was concepting new ideas, illustrating tightly rendered images, or bringing characters to life in short animations.”

J.R. Barker
Illustrator / Concept Artist at AGS

“I had the chance to work with Patrick while with AGS (American Gaming Systems). In addition to being a talented illustrator and concept artist, he also brings a unique flair and perspective to any project. In addition to that, he is a gifted animator and can always come up with new and creative ways to add life, movement and interest. He also brings positivity and enthusiasm to the office, which can be a big plus. I’d work with him again any time!”